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(Extra Photos, Friends, family or after receiving your initial DVD package and photo products)


1) Once a cart has been initially opened you will not get further cart confirmations while you add additional photos, so please do not click the buy button more than once per photo as you could add duplicates.
2) When you've finished adding photos/products to your basket, go to "cart" to check and complete your purchase. Please double check that no photos have been added more than once before completing.


1) View the photo you want to purchase and click the "buy" option in the shop below. Make sure you have the correct product selected and only click buy ONCE.


1) All the clients "selected" package included photos on a DVD. If you want more than one disc then please change the quantity in the shopping basket.
2) IMPORTANT: Photo's that were not purchased by the client originally wont be included on any DVD's. Photos outside the clients package in an "Extras" or "Overs" folders can ONLY be purchased individually.


1) Key rings can be purchased with one picture on both sides or two different pictures back to back.
2) If you want a different picture on the reverse side. After having selected the picture for your key ring initially then pick another photo for the back and select option "Key ring different back photo" on that.


1) Your selected picture will be cropped SQUARE and put into a 5.5cm square fridge magnet.


1) Your selected picture will be cropped square, then round and put into a CD and laqured. Then a time piece will be fitted, can be wall mounted or free standing with supplied battery stand.


1) Your selected picture will be cropped square, then round and put into a 24cm wall clock (face 18cm).


1) You will need to select a photo cube for your primary photo, then you will need to select 5 more pictures using option "Photo Cube Pic 2-6" the five extra photo's are free! You can select what photo goes on each side or you can leave it to us. If you opt to select which photo goes on each side you must select one of each of the side options for each of the six photos. Any side missing will be taken from any side with duplicate selections.

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